Air conditioning

Ice Cube is a professional service company with years of experience with oven repairs in Sydney and surrounding areas. This is a proven, trustworthy service that guarantees high-quality performance, courteous service, and affordable prices. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Ice Cube is able to handle domestic and commercial fridge repairs with equivalent excellence. Service repair jobs are offered for Split system, air-conducted,or fixed air conditioners.  The cost-efficient option is to have a professional repair an air conditioner instead of replacing it. The parts will cost less than a wholesome change and Ice Cube Appliance Repair is always willing to remain flexible with clients.

Types of Fixable Problems:

  • Air conditioner is blowing out hot air
  • Air conditioner is leaking
  • Air conditioner is making extra noise
  • Air conditioner is letting out a burning smell

With over 25 years of experience in this industry, Ice Cube has been repairing appliances within the Sydney region of Australia with immense and flawless perfection. With coordinated and timely mobile service vans on hand for all servicing jobs, repairs related to appliances will be completed as quickly as possible.

All appliance repair and/or servicing tasks are finalized by highly trained professionals with years of experience in completing these maintenances. All technical expertise related to this specific brand is researched and understood by our team prior to commencement. All repair and/or servicing tasks are completed on appliances with or without warranty. For those looking to have parts replaced for their appliance, Ice Cube Appliance Repair is able to take care of this for clients. An in-house workshop is gracefully designed by this company to guarantee all appliance repairs can be concluded on time and as anticipated.

For further information, contact our team of representatives at 02 8036 2404 and watch all of your worries evaporate. We will come to you during your time of need. Our professionals have the answer to all of your appliance related questions.