Glazier’s Services

A glazier’s services can differ from provider to provider, but generally speaking – most will specialise in:

  • Glass repair
  • Glass maintenance
  • Glass installation
  • Glass replacement

These four categories of service are available to most commercial and personal customers – with thousands of people hiring glaziers every year to help them with any and all of the above.

The majority of glaziers will need to undergo extensive training and education in their field before they can offer their services professionally. As glass can be very difficult to maintain and manage – particularly if it becomes chipped or damaged, it’s always advisable to seek the help of a trained and licensed glass repair expert.

What do their services encompass?

This will usually depend on what they are needed for. In cases where new homes are being constructed, a glazier will usually be hired to ensure that the installation of windows and their supportive frames is done so correctly. Anything less than 100% alignment can result in shifting, splitting and even shattering in the future – so all projects should only be undertaken by those with the expertise to do so.

There can also be instances where a window has suffered with damage including chipping, cracking, or splitting. When these events occur, it’s not always necessary to remove and replace the old window – especially if a good glazier can take care of the repairs on the spot using resin adhesive or advanced polymers to bond and strengthen the damaged glass.

As far as maintenance is concerned, most glass experts will offer this type of service as standard. By frequently checking on the condition of the glass, it can be possible to identify any issues as and when they are beginning to develop and then rectify them if necessary. Generally, a glazier should be able to address the majority of issues that relate to glass – from warping and cracking, right through to the types of fogging that typically occur when double glazing is damaged.